Heart Deco was born out of a lifelong love for antique & vintage jewellery.

When I was young, visits to my grandmother's house would invariably lead to the two of us looking through her amazing collection of clothes and jewellery, while I listened to her stories. How and where and when she came by these items, who gave them to her, and where she wore them. Occasionally, she would send me something from her collection - along with its story - on a birthday or special occasion. Most of those lovely pieces are not valuable in the traditional sense, but I cherish them all. I fell in love with both the beautiful designs and the stories they told. 

Years later, when I needed to replace my wedding ring, I went looking for an antique. I wanted something with a history... something unique... something affordable. And I found it! I knew there must be others out there who, like me (and my grandma), felt torn between their tastes and their pocketbooks. Maybe you're a non-traditional bride, or maybe you simply have a passion for history. Maybe you love diamonds, but loathe the modern diamond industry. Maybe you want a real statement piece, or maybe you aren't into bling at all. Maybe you just believe in recycling! However you wound up here, I hope you'll find something to love. Even if it is simply an heirloom box for your own heirloom-in-the-making.

During that initial search for my own ring, I learned so much about the materials, designs, and historical eras. I immersed myself in the histories (truthfully, I was a bit obsessed). My background in research combined with my love of vintage to inspire Heart Deco. The collections reflect my own personal tastes, and I spend a long time searching for pieces that I love, and that I hope you will love, too. I've made it the mission of Heart Deco to find memorable pieces at an affordable price. I hope my collections find a new home, and a new story - whether as your wedding ring, or your "just because" ring.  

Thank you so much for stopping by,

- Grace